Kindie World Premier adopts a practical, multi-disciplinary approach to early childhood education so your child learns naturally while preparing effectively for primary school education. Your child is guided along a proven pathway which focuses on reading and developing language fluency in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

Kindie World teaches fundamental lessons and skills at a critical stage of child development. In addition to its academic focus, the programme imparts children with good habits and life practices. While many schools seem little interested in providing students with moral guidance, Kindie World recognizes the importance of character development and experiencing life as happy and caring learners.

Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.

– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


Kindie World Premier delivers an integrated learning programme based on six core subjects or components. Each component consists of a daily lesson plan with learning activities and exercises. Together, the Six Learning Components serves as a practical education for young learners preparing for primary school and beyond.

Literacy develops as the fundamental communication skills of speaking, listening, reading, comprehension and writing are exercised. These skills are further developed across the three common languages of English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin

At Kindie World, children learn basic math concepts of numbers and relationships, measurement and estimation, problem solving and geometry.

But it’s not just work and no play at Kindie World. To make math fun and real for children, our teachers guide learners through activities and games to better grasp numbers, distances, shapes and forms. Math is easy to learn when it’s fun.

Children need to be active everyday to stay healthy and fit. Guided, physical-fitness activities help children channel their boundless energy to better cope with stress and build stamina, balance and coordination.

The Art and Music module enables young learners to tap into their imagination and express their creativity. Kids enjoy the freedom to draw and paint, dance and sing, and drum and move to the rhythm together. It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to explore colors, forms, music and movement.

Science helps children explore and understand the world around them. Learners work together on simple projects to observe, share ideas and draw conclusions about plants and animals, water, ice and steam. 

Learners are also introduced to digital technology and online tools for information gathering, drawing and presentation.

The Whole Me programme is an area of learning beyond academics which introduces the ideals of compassion, understanding and self-awareness in a practical, easy-to-follow manner.

The aim of Whole Me is to nurture each child’s social, mental and emotional development and enjoy life as balanced, grounded and happy individuals.


It all starts with reading. Reading stimulates a child’s imagination, self-image and school performance. Reading is also fundamental to language mastery.

A love for reading must be instilled at an early age so that reading is a natural habit of children throughout their lives. The Kindie World Reading Programme equips pre-school children with the four foundational skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Once firmly rooted, these essential skills provide a foundation for developing word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and comprehension.


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